Lorraine McAndrews 

I enjoy researching and writing both fiction and non-fiction.  My latest project is a juvenile nature book that I wrote with my 5 year old grandson, Nikolas, called OUCH!! CREATURES THAT STING.  

We had fun writing this book.  Nikolas had the idea for the book and made the original list of creatures with stingers that we used. He approved all the artwork and even told the illustrator that the Lionfish had to be red, not black. We updated the text when Nikolas did his own research and learned that one of the creatures is nocturnal. (I did the grunt work!


Nikolas is enjoying his new accomplishment and is looking forward to attending some book signings. ​​

In the meantime, he is sharpening his reading skills and has finished the third grade word list. 

He is so excited opening the mail with the first copies of Ouch!!